crocs“REALLY ugly,” the thought I first had when I first saw them.

Then I got brave and tried one on in a store. Ahhhhh! Great comfort. Great fun. A bright color is not my usual shoe selection. But it’s summer, let’s step out a bit and make a statement. Then I noticed more men were wearing them so I felt vindicated. Ok I am not a style maven. I like to observe first. Then I was hooked on them, for years. I bought at least one new pair each summer, wore them out (literally) and replaced them again.

It seems the Crocs company has  undergone some internal manufacturing and management issues. They seem to be leaping past these issues and I hope they continue to serve their adoring public throughout.

The LinkedIn tie-in? 

Be colorful and yet comforting. Cushion the steps you take with others so they walk with you to a new place. Be adventurous yet practical. Have some fun if that’s you; your profile should be you speaking to the reader in your own words. Pair your values with your vision of a new design. so long as it’s practical.

They’ll come around.


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