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We live in unusual times (to say the least) when you can openly hear adjectives thrown around on national networks about the morality, capability, or intelligence of high political leaders, on both sides of the aisle: “stupid,” “ignorant,” “misguided,” “moron,” “psycho,” etc.

The concepts I heard yesterday on national news by a recognized, smart elected official prognosticated that:

  • we are now in an era where it’s expected that we openly speak about our political opinions without considering others’ sensitivities
  • soon we will experience a multiparty voting environment unpolarized by endorsement by either of the national Republican or Democratic parties,
  • what will decide our vote (or not) will be just what the candidate promises to accomplish and how openly he/she says it, and we will “call BS” to their face if the words are unclear.

In past presidential election years I evaluated the LinkedIn profiles of each of the professed White House contenders, before, during and after primaries/political conventions, in this blog.

My thought process: evaluating how well (or not so well, if at all) these candidates show themselves to business leaders on LinkedIn gives insight to how we will fare under their administration.

In the past presidential election, I evaluated each declared presidential candidate’s LinkedIn profile in a separate blog post.

Later, I mashed those blog posts and published an opinion piece in and that led to some very good unexpected connections afterward, including speaking gigs.

I’ll do that again this go-round. However, I will try (I said try) to stay objective, if that is possible in this new political culture, per the above prognosticator’s crystal ball.

No doubt I’ll tarnish some relationships. I will buff them later.

The candidates’ LinkedIn profiles as a leading indicator of how they respect the world of business professionals need to be evaluated. And I will write about this again, because no one else is.

I believe that’s called branding. 


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