John Tesh’s radio program runs every night on a popular station here, as I am sure it does near you. It features findings from new research studies: some credible (and some downright absurd, IMHO).

One that caught my attention ran last week advised there is a direct correlation between getting better results on dating services when you use correct grammar and punctuation in your self-description.

It reminds me of another dating service I see advertised on TV aimed at attracting better- educated people only.

I guess it’s tough to find smart, articulate love out there in online dating land: there’s a premium on better schooled, better writers, one or the other, or both. If you are both, your odds increase, apparently on the right platform to the right audience. Sort of like LinkedIn.

Success on LinkedIn, the platform for business, requires that you have neither grammar nor punctuation errors (so don’t rely on spell check alone!).

Truth helps too, I might add.

Think carefully about what to say, use action verbs, higher level narrative without being haughty, or alternatively simplistic, and tell why you are the one.

Find your better match.