peacock-1476507__340A friend expressed a coup that she brought something to her place of work that was a true feat, and used the hashtag in the title in her exuberant story to tell us how proud she was..

We each have something to be proud of, and I sure hope you have more than one. My two recent ones are the books I wrote and how they open doors for me. I have some stories…

You likely have a Herculean task that you accomplished at one point or another in your career. Many clients find it difficult to relate those stories.

Please tell us. Otherwise we don’t know.

In your Experience section on LinkedIn, lay down the facts by telling us why you were able to accomplish this, and let a recommender add the color of how well you do your “why.”

Plumage, right?

Your why + connection’s how = a sum MUCH bigger than the parts.