Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Be “yummier than ever” and than everyone else too!

ClassicMac-Thumbnail-1.pngIt stuck out to me in the grocery the other day.

Of the hundreds of boxes of dried mac and cheese, microwaveable mac and cheese, foil packet mac and cheese, and all the varieties thereof, this one screamed, “take me home!” It’s after all, yummier than ever. How can you argue with that?

Picture and quote below are from the product’s website:

Meet our NEW, yummier than ever, Classic Cheddar Mac & Cheese! That’s right, we’veupgraded our Classic Cheddar Mac & Cheese to be yummier than EVER with a creamier, cheesier tasting recipe. On our mission for more yum, we took to the kitchen to cook up a flavor-packed mac that’s made the Annie’s way. We even gave the noodle an upgrade to ensure that each spoonful packs inthe perfect bite of cheesy, creamy goodness. So grab a spoon & dig in.

Good job, Annie’s, separate yourself from the competition with more “yum,” upgraded pasta, and  2 “-ier” adjectives.

You, my reader, are like a box of mac and cheese on the grocery shelf.

Make your case why you stand out on LinkedIn. Be compelling. Make us want to take you off the shelf, read you, try you, enjoy you, and insist on buying you again and again.

Be “amazing-er” than the competition, as I like to say. That’s another word for yummier….


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