Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Beware the image you project

awayI just got a return email. I was offering a free ticket I received to an event that would interest him more than me: “Please email me again after August 7, 2018.”

I know of a few offenders who provide not only out-of-office email replies like that, but similar voice messages. And LinkedIn message responses as well: I often see a little red bubble on the messaging icon on their LinkedIn page with a large number on it.

Tsk. Tsk. Really, is that how you handle your clients too?

Advice: don’t make others work any harder to engage with you. It was enough that they contacted you once.

Get back in touch even if you are away. Quickly.

Business does not revolve around you, you know. Maybe you don’t.

Be approachable, open, and even if you are away, manage their expectations about when YOU will contact THEM again.

Not the other way around. 

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