getreadyHave you seen the recent Dollar Shave Club TV ad themed “however you get ready?”

It’s well done, in 29 seconds showing random people getting ready in the morning for their day. No dialog. These actors demonstrate our private habits by their actions…

However you get ready each day, you know this is a personal routine, unspoken of, which we all pursue quietly.

Professionally unspoken as well, is your routine for getting ready to meet someone new.

I know this, because I often ask audience members how they get ready for a meeting. I ask if they reviewed my LinkedIn profile as I make small talk mixing with the crowd before my formal session begin. Crickets…

Note to (your)self: do this!

Your reviewing the LinkedIn profile of the person(s) you will meet should become your knee-jerk habit:

  • of the target of a sales call that day,
  • of the interviewer(s) you will try to impress,
  • of the speaker(s) at a conference session you are attending,
  • of the person on the other end of the phone call you were not expecting, to name a few.

Why is this information valuable? If you know more about the other party, you have a better chance of gaining more benefit from their sharing a point of view, then you will  engage in more meaningful dialog, and/or ask better questions. 

Get in the LinkedIn intelligence habit. Use every LinkedIn tool available to you. Be smarter than the competition.