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“Follow Me Boys” (a 1966 Disney movie)…and girls!

follow_arrow-3107709__340(Remember that movie?)

I receive offers to connect, a lot, especially after a publicity event of some sort, from strangers, yes, some are even stranger than others, some with a direct correlation to what I do, some just seeking some ideas, some seem just lonely.

But they want a piece of my mind as well, on-going. For me this is becoming an occupational event: I can be on a podcast, write an article, or appear in a video, something, and thankfully others are inspired.

Most just offer me that bald, bland message to connect. Don’t. We’ve discussed that behavior here before. If we have not met, or worked together, please don’t.

I may briefly review their profile and if I see any glimpse of promise for a connection, more my helping them than the converse, I might reply:

Have we met? How can I help you?

48 hours later, if no reply, I ignore the connection request. Poof, gone.

If there is a reply (which is quite rare) and I still see no merit to the connection, I might counter with something like this:

Hi {name}. My policy is to only connect to people I have met and get to know further in business dealings. Perhaps you will follow me on LinkedIn and one day our paths will cross. Thanks for your offer but I will respectfully decline.

I think that’s straightforward and professional.

To follow someone on LinkedIn, see this from the Help Center.

I have more followers than connections. That makes sense given what I do.

How do you handle this?

3 thoughts on ““Follow Me Boys” (a 1966 Disney movie)…and girls!”

  1. Mark – I do have a Method in which I standardly reply to all LinkedIn connection requests…would
    you like me to post that and where is best for
    the most effective traction for both of us?

    Thanks for connecting!

    Rob Thomas
    Founder, Networking In Diners
    and Creator of the Rob Thomas Method (RTM)
    (203) 641-1714


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