Today's LinkedIn Nugget

I goofed! I promise to again!

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I sent 2 blog posts at the same time yesterday. Careless error. Oh well, more good stuff (I hope you agree) for you…a two-fer.

But I want to take this opportunity to let you know I admit there will be other goofs and errors. I am human, and errors show that I am busy.

Which is the sort of inverted reasoning I hear from time to time from people who are not using LinkedIn, just because they are afraid of doing something that could be perceived as wrong or silly or inarticulate:

“I was afraid I would mess up my profile,” or

“I was concerned others would see my inexperience on LinkedIn” or worse,

“I didn’t think anyone cared so I stayed off LinkedIn.”

I have screwed up many word docs, misdirected emails, slaved over formulas that weren’t working on spreadsheets, lost many slide decks, and mangled words with typos.

I learn from my errors. You should too. How else did you and I get to be proficient at any of the online tools we use and rely on?

You can’t goof up unless you are active at something. 

So get in the mix, get your LinkedIn fingers dirty, and clean them off with the power of your new knowledge from trying and trying again, and then eventually excelling.


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