dragLeave it to Twitter, every day has a name and a theme.

Today, as the title shows, the message is getting yourself over the hump of procrastinating, better than the guy above, but aggressively standing up to making your LinkedIn profile the best it can possibly be.

Yes, that’s me beating my drum, again, to professionals in all walks of life, who need a remake of their profile for new business prospects to review, since they can tell very well for others who hire them to spin the facts into a web of marketing glamor, but resist telling about themselves.

And that goes for media experts, writers, creative entrepreneurs,  professional practitioners, architects, and so many others who are creative for clients, yet reticent to be for themselves!

Only you know your “why,” and only you know that you can improve stating how that “why” makes you unique in your profile.

That’s further building your brand. And no matter what you think, you can do even better than what you have there now. I can too.

So tear into your profile by copying it to a Word doc, and recreate one section at a time, in multiple sittings, over quiet time, and remake yourself on the screen the best you can, so you can get those inquiries.

Let me know if you need help.

Is that enough motivation for you?

We need to reinforce the image we already have from our referrals when someone researches us on the short list of considered experts.

Motivate them to call you, only after you motivate yourself too.