10fingers.jpgYesterday I gave you 5. Today, a few more to help us understand all about why you do what you do:

6) Tell us what certifications you earned,. from whom (avoid acronym and include a link to the organization), what dates they are valid (if applicable), and why the certification is important in your work.

7) Tell us what nonprofits you assist, pro bono services you provide them, how you expertise is being utilized there to accomplish an important milestone.

8) Tell us any additional courses beyond your formal schooling you have taken, from whom and how it is helpful in your work. Conversely, what course you teach or offer to others to add value to your field.

9) Tell us honors and awards bestowed on you by peers, for what efforts you were recognized, by whom, and how this is meaningful to you for your recognition within your field.

10) Finally, tell us not as bland resume-y factoids, but with vivid, colorful language and action verbs, painting a picture of why you in your own words. Be interesting,  no be brilliant, in what you say and how you say it.