Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Top 5 things to NOT forget to tell us about on #LinkedIn


  1. Tell us as soon as you start a new job: update us on your Home page that you have a new job, email address and phone number.
  2. Tell us about that new job in your Experience section, sketching out the job parameters: why you were selected and what you bring to the challenge. I know, you have no accomplishments yet, but tell us what you were just hired to do. Please refrain from copying and pasting your job description.
  3. Tell us when you published something, were quoted somewhere, you contributed to an article or a study. See my short video on this.
  4. Tell us when you read a great article by someone else that you think is worthy of sharing. Tell us why. Again, I have a short video on this topic.
  5. Tell us when you are preparing for a presentation: its title, audience, aim and venue. Keep “dripping” your preparation activity to keep the reader’s interest: a week or so ahead, the day before, and the day of. Perhaps a reader will hire you to speak at his/her next event.

These work. There are certainly others. Practice using them to keep readers’ eyes on your activity.

As I always say, “if you don’t tell us who will?”

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