networkingNetworking groups and similar collections of professional experts are human entities. LinkedIn connections are as well.

They ebb and flow, they stimulate, they disappoint.

Sometimes they drop like a stone, as in the ugly comment one member made the other day around the networking table, a misguided, hateful joke. There is no room for off-color and prejudicial comments in my business networking environment. Period.

Be aware of the company you are seen amongst. Think of the connection as a privilege. Joker-man abused his. Disconnect.

As one broken link, he weakened the strength of my reliability and quality chain, so I equally suggest you carefully evaluate the connections you have. Cull out the duds.

Ask yourself: do you personally want to be seen as each connection’s collaborator? A connection does not equal a collaborator, but it starts there and builds. If the connection lapses or wasn’t meant to be (your definition), sever the connection. Here’s how. The other party will not be overtly notified of your action.

Myself included, we all make mistakenly accept a connection that later works poorly (or not at all).

I find a good time to evaluate them when my connections’ names appearing on my Home page for their work anniversaries and posts: a reminder to consider their suitability in my connections.

Surround yourself selectively, from one person to another. Business life is about finding your networking niche and nurturing it. Remember, your network is your net worth.