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I’ve blogged on how rewarding it is to give decent customer service before. In that post I had received a client’s compliment for my efforts.

This time I will give one. Credit given when credit is due; and I will give one every time I get superior service.

Here’s what happened…and it is bad timing at any time of day or any day of the week… my cell phone died 500 pm Friday evening. Off to the mall. Kaput, said the Apple store; cause of death: the memory card fried in the upgrade to their new operating system. Too much for the old ticker to bear. It was a mighty 6 years old…

(Luckily I chose to back up to my desktop prior to uploading!) PS, always do this…

They suggested I next go to the nearby Verizon store, the sympathetic Verizon store manager documented in my file notes the terms in this situation of my Verizon insurance policy, confirmed to me as $0 deductible from her analysis of my policy since I had not crushed or drowned my phone; it was an internal hardware failure. Take this brochure, read what you need to do, then call this number.

No time, had to get home right away to squeak in our Friday evening plans. I would call that number tomorrow, early on Saturday.

The first phone contact didn’t go well, quoting me a $149 deductible. No, didn’t you read the file notes, and next let me speak to a supervisor.

Then along came Monique and in a twenty minutes we had worked out a suitable replacement (and she advised, a larger memory capacity model than the one I have–is that ok? Uh, yeah!), with no deductible, arriving Tuesday.

OK, I mentally lamented I will survive the weekend and one business day without my phone addiction.

Eureka! A few hours later the confirmation email I received documenting Monique’s  work and the order had been filled, said it is arriving today (Monday) before 1030 am. What a difference one day makes!


Brava, Monique at Verizon, wherever you are, for recognizing the many years of allegiance I have had to your company, and yours back to me in a time of need.

Reader, I wish you the same resolution to a central problem. And conversely, you to a client’s problem, as their support.

With as pleasant, efficient, and accommodating a voice on the other end of the phone handling a distraught customer so well, in every regard.