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Fears on Friday the 13th?

roarI have no fear of 13 (triskaidekaphobia).

Today being Friday the 13th does not make me worry.

I don’t wince when I get off the elevator on the 13th floor of a NYC office building (I guess the architect did not have triskaidekaphobia either) to visit colleagues who have been central to my networking for business.

In fact, I have little business fear.

My friends who work in big companies constantly remark how brave they think I was starting my own business. Truth be told, I had more innate fear for continuously covering my own backside in my big corporate days than I do today on my own.

These days, if I mess up, I pay. I pick myself up and move on learning from the experience. No one can criticize me more harshly than I can myself.

If I didn’t have fear, I wouldn’t be human.

Pivot. Many people I meet are afraid of talking about themselves on LinkedIn.

On LinkedIn it’s a matter of how well to say it, not if, or how, to water it down so as not to appear too-big-for-your-entrepreneurial-britches.

I got past fear of branding long time ago. I say it myself. Others will not say it near as well.

I am a multi-preneur. Hear me roar.

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