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3 random summertime anecdotes:

  • At an engagement party on a rooftop in NYC, I met new in-law relatives. We all connected on LinkedIn. One told me he was in the middle of interviewing for a job he found on LinkedIn. Sure enough, he was hired. His story is coming in a future Friday guest blog post.
  • A colleague is launching his new business. His first foray into a long-form Post defining his services was a very good start, and he received 80+ views and a few comments. Patience, I told him, they dribble in slowly. He is off to a good start, because we all start somewhere.
  • I asked an esteemed colleague to co-present in a LinkedIn-themed breakout workshop at an innovation expo. This presentation is different: we will each kick off the session briefly, then it will evolve into an open-ended Q&A format: how-the-heck-should-I-do this-or-that LinkedIn strategy questions encouraged. Past attendees commented they really benefit; that’s the goal, after all.

Yes, it’s summer, but business continues to book, the fruit of springtime brand  marketing. The fall is promising too, and summer’s a good time to be serious about brand marketing ahead of the year-end crush.

Stay tuned. More summer snippets coming as they elapse…How is your summer brand marketing shaping up?