Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Dare to be yourself…just a little more each day


courageous.jpegLeaders see things from another perspective.

They dare to be exemplary to inspire, passionate to instill excitement and courageous to try a new approach.

Many examples of famous men and women show the insight and fortitude to buck the trend and go it alone. Simon Sinek talks about this in his book and his TedTalk.

Gabrielle Giffords took a bullet in her passion to set an example and make political change and she still goes onward in her mission, despite being shot. She is an original hero.

Not so heroic, I find many people hide behind themselves. Eventually successful, some people have ideas that seem absurd, but after some time or event, they make more sense in a new context than ever before and attract attention and followers.

Be that new context.

Be business-like, but forward thinking.

Tell us “why” you, not what you do/did.

Dare to be yourself, even if it is small steps each day. Eventually you will reach that goal and sparkle in your own and others’ eyes.

Ease in and make that LinkedIn profile progressively just a little better every time someone opens it. Because you are speaking to them.

But you have to want to tell us, right?

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