Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Sometimes it’s a side dish that makes the meal a feast

side.jpegYou pay attention.

But once you are distracted by something off to the side that catches your eye, seizing your concentration and commanding constant watching, rather than focusing on the act on the main stage, that’s all you can see.

So if you look carefully at this photo, in the middle of the picture off to the side of the stage, you will see distant red fireworks going off above and behind the band.

The music continued, the weather conditions remained perfect for an outdoor concert, but somehow all I could pay attention to was the next spark and explosion of color and motion, in the corner.

Readers of your LinkedIn profile may find you for a keyword you use, a concept you mastered, a skill you offer, experience you have under your belt, any of which may not be the main thrust of your personal narrative, but still command their attention and curiosity anyway.

Then they pay attention, aside from the rest of your “act.”

Bottom line: make every section of your profile resonate, sparkle, and sizzle. You never know what the reader is paying most attention to and will contact you to expand upon. 


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