Today's LinkedIn Nugget

QR code me up, Scotty!

MWH LI QR code

You meet me at a Fourth of July party.

We share common ground and we explored ample collaborative opportunity for our respective businesses, right?We agree to connect when we get back to the office.

Breathing new life into QR codes, LinkedIn now allows you to retain my LinkedIn contact details for a future invitation with minimal disruption like looking for a pen or sending yourself an email with my name. A screen shot of my QR code is above.

Next week when you get back to the office you can recall exactly who I am by my headshot and my headline.

Let’s say you promise to kick off the process.

You follow these simple instructions and in a couple of clicks on your mobile device, you are all set: reminding me where we met, what we spoke about, you ask me to join your amazing LinkedIn connections network.

QR code + you personalized the invitation, right?

Fast and easy. Now the work begins…finding ways to collaborate.


{PS this will be the last blog post for this week to give you a break.

See you next Monday July 9th. I wish you a restful and safe holiday. Enjoy.}