farsi_klingonOnce or twice I have had a client ask me if their LinkedIn profile can be translated and appear simultaneously to their English version. The answer is yes and here’s how, though limited.

But to have posts and updates on your Home Page translated has been impossible. Until now.

(I would be interested in the comments of anyone who has used it so far.)

As you may have heard me tell a story in my presentations, I once received a comment to and article I wrote on LinkedIn from an entrepreneur in Iran, in Farsi, his native language. Luckily I had a colleague who could translate it for me.

I regret to say that if my Iranian reader is seeing this, I would not be able to use this new tool to read his translated reply from Farsi, but if he wrote to me in either of 2 dialects of Klingon (no joke!), I could have it automatically translated using this new tool.

Supply and demand, I guess…

To save you a bilingual headache, it’s “How can I help you?” in Farsi and “One language is never enough” in Klingon.