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3 short videos to help you better finesse #LinkedIn

CFA panel 1I had the pleasure of participating on a panel at the CFA Society of New York (thank you!) a couple of weeks ago. They were kind enough to provide 3 video clips (click the links) from parts of the session:

  1. I discuss the difference between skills endorsements and recommendations
  2. I speak about being a better thought leader by appending your opinion to an article you are passing along
  3. I offer the steps to take once you have published something to show it on LinkedIn

I hope they help you.

Feel free to pass them along to others.

It’s not just filling in the blanks on LinkedIn. I want you to finesse it!

1 thought on “3 short videos to help you better finesse #LinkedIn”

  1. Great comments. Recruiters are looking more and more at your lower LinkedIn profile. Marc’s comments on skills, endorsements and recommendations are really helpful for anyone who wants to influence anyone.

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