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5 ways to be *-er on #LinkedIn

2018-06-24 12.56.59_preview.pngFeel free to mentally substitute your best adjective for the *.

To succeed and tame this beast called LinkedIn, you have to work hard to be *-er than the vast majority of the bland profiles I see on LinkedIn.

Is it easy? Not all. Is it fast? never. Will you have to plan, revise, test, and publish only when it’s the very most excellent you can devise?

Yes, absolut-er-ly, just like this display ad from Lincoln Center in NYC where artists slay themselves to audition, learn, perfect and only after truly mastering their art, can they perform.

Some ideas to motivate the creative force in you:

  • Be smart-er by using better narrative to tell why you.
    • So be compelling-er.
  • Be sharp-er by enriching the language you use to attract a reader. This is marketing, you know.
    • So be wordsmith-ier.
  • Be concise-er, as readers are attention-deprived and looking for a quick gulp.
    • So be pitihier.
  • Be generous-er with sharing great material, your original thoughts and/or others’ published content.
    • So be curator-er.
  • Be appreciative-er of the personal learning network we share.
    • So be nuturing-er.

So there you go, 5 ways to excel, stand out, and appeal to a skeptical, perhaps suspicious prospect, to be less so than your field of competition.

You are welcome-er.

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