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Being positive on #LinkedIn (part 5 of 5)

I declare this week’s blog posts to be positive all week. I meet a lot of people who are struggling to find the bright side. So these 5 posts will be for everyone, no matter your degree of positivity.

So here’s the fifth and final in this week’s series of “upward-looking, down-to-earth, centered-on-your-innate-abilities” blog posts: I urge you to share them with others to brighten your and their outlooks.

(Each graphic this week I found in a museum bookshop over the weekend.)

From the books offered for sale on the shelf, this one is part of a series of titles by the same author “,” so you can look on Amazon to see more about each book.


I made the graphic  extra large so you can read all the way to the bottom.

From “be ok” to “doing my best” to today’s “totally got this,” I want to wrap this series on a positive, upbeat note.

I had a GenX client who kept saying “I totally got this” with the points I taught her. At first I thought it was nervousness or just a saying she repeated subconsciously, but when we completed my coaching, and recently when I reviewed her LinkedIn profile, she did indeed “get” it.

And further, she keeps “getting it” by improving her profile in her own style and voice.

I ran into her recently and she later texted to say that it’s working. She’s getting business from her profile. That’s a great feeling for both of us, but especially for her, since I recall the jumble her original profile was when we first started working together.

I leave you here, on this Friday morning, after 5 blog pieces with an up-beat, in what can appear to be a mean world: recraft your LinkedIn profile.

Do it as well as you can.

Change it as you morph.

Be happy, but thankful, and be well inside and out.


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