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Being positive on #LinkedIn (part 3 of 5)

I declare this week’s blog posts to be positive all week. I meet a lot of people who are struggling to find the bright side. So these 5 posts will be for everyone, no matter your degree of positivity.

So here’s the third in this week’s series of “upward-looking, down-to-earth, centered-on-your-innate-abilities” blog posts: I urge you to share them with others to brighten your and their outlooks.

(Each graphic this week I found in a museum bookshop over the weekend.)

From the books offered for sale on the shelf, this one is part of a series of titles by the same author “,” so you can look on Amazon to see more (and a better image) about each book.


I made the graphic extra large so you can read all the way to the bottom.

If bad news comes in 3’s, right now I have more than my share of friends and family members with challenges.

Or other business colleagues are struggling with issues that make happy entre-preneurial life seemingly unbearable. I’ve been there. You may be heading to it, amidst it, or in process of exiting these issues as well.

While a short period of angst seems interminable, please stay focussed,  grab and pull yourself by the back of the neck, and try as hard as you can to get past it, with the freshness of unexpected opportunity on the other side.

Please recognize I am not making light of, or dismissing, your situation.

Read the above book cover all the way to the bottom. Perhaps you want to buy the book. But certainly take a change in outlook and you will persevere. You have to. It’s on you and perhaps on a close group of (LinkedIn?) connections to help you now. Ask them.

Social media is premised on paying it forward to others. Ask others to pay you forward to you when you need it. Believe me, we have all been there (wherever your “there” is).

Be ok.

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