headsabovewaterI sometimes wonder how to swim across (or against, but never with!) the current and keep my head above the proverbial surface. So many priorities, so much to learn, analyze, react to and think about!

But that’s part of the life of an entrepreneur, in my case, and admittedly my choice, with no one to delegate to. I embrace that, work it, and adapt myself to it.

And I hear from audiences: “how can I do all that you advocate I need to do on LinkedIn, with my job, family and other demands?”

Well, you learned Word and Excel and Powerpoint didn’t you? You found time to perfect each and discover tricks while you incorporated these tools into your repertoire…or you would have been left behind.

Perhaps you took a training course. Ahem, I know where you can get that….

Perhaps you just spent the time and made these business tools part of your life, as you incorporated the tools into other personal projects (I reconcile my checking account on Excel. Heck, my daughter even organized her entire wedding timetable on Excel!)

“I’m just not ready,” you say. And you stick your head back into your shell.

Well, get ready and invest the time in yourself.

Or sink in the muck as the rest of your competitors edge up, over and past you. They may just have better profiles that attract prospective clients and partners away from you and towards them.

That should give you incentive to swim faster…and keep that head up, please.