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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What a week.

I finished working with 2 coaching clients, added a new challenging one.

I spoke in person or via simulcast from a session in New York City, addressed the concerns of people in all walks of life (this week: HR benefits sales, a regional  networking group, finance pros, nonprofits, and underemployed boomers, and others).

All left my attendees at 6 sessions with work to do, based on what I evangelized on.

I drink my own kool aid; I made subtle changes to my profile this week to keep it current as I change.

What I also learned this week is that coopetition (as has been mentioned here before) can be very productive and rewarding. A panel of experts always yields different points of view and we all can, and should, learn from each other.

Following my own teaching, I asked for a LinkedIn recommendation after a client verbally praised me for the work we did together. he was happy to help me. It took my asking. I expect to post that later today.

I am always learning. I am always in beta.

It’s a constant effort to make your brand keep up with you as you morph. Amend your LinkedIn brand to keep it relevant. Do it regularly.

I do. You can too.