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Please disprove my theory

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I have a theory.

Some people want to learn new ways to operate their business with software or online platforms to keep up in an ever-changing world. Others are reluctant to learn yet another online way to simplify our lives, considering it one more new thing to master.

Some embrace some change, but shrink from another social media platform as if it is a bitter medicine, a dosage taken only required, but not consistently, as part of the perceived current business lifestyle.

But then they procrastinate, or worse, they crash. “Too much already!” they scream inwardly. Full stop. No progress.

I think it’s because the software we are all trying to use to be more efficient and become bigger-than-life is too hard to use, making us less efficient and feeling small. That’s my theory.

I felt this in self-publishing my new book. The software is not particularly user-friendly. My solution (which I applied to myself)? Dominate and overcome the software by mastering it!

Because I can.

Because I must.

Or I will not publish. My words cannot be intimidated by electrons.

The other day a very intelligent attendee in my LinkedIn class voiced a fearful concern about putting his information onto the internet using LinkedIn to help him find his next position, despite the fact that he has already mastered other software needed in his line of work. He exclaimed:

I can’t embrace LinkedIn. I have enough intrusion and electronic assistance in my life as it is!

I am not sure I follow what the difference is.

We bank online. We get our news online. We shop for almost anything online, including cars and furniture. We send medical data to our physician online. In sum, we communicate highly personal information in all different ways online.

Yes, LinkedIn is hard to use. But sticking to “I can’t learn it” is not going to make it any more or less an important part of your business life.

Some say (and I tend to agree) that if you are not on LinkedIn you do not exist in today’s professional business world. I exhort you to be a part of this community of 560 million professionals, and look your absolute best in actively participating.

Scared? Intimidated? Start in small measured steps. Use the Help Center. Personalize your profile suitably for your own needs and don’t feel obligated to fill in every blank even if they ask for that data.

BUT be sure to add the narrative and data that others need to know about you, want to know, should know, in order to make an educated decision about hiring you for a job, a gig, or at the very least, to get an impression of the good experience you bring to the table.

Once the fall in “like” with you. make it easy for them to get a hold of you in the manner they want to communicate. Increasingly, that includes texting to your mobile phone number.

That’s not an intrusion in your personal life. It’s reality.

Get out of your own way, I advised this attendee, or competitors will trample in yours.


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