powerfulWas. Made. Did. Had.

Weak verbs. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. No illustrative value on your LinkedIn profile.

I continue to come across well-educated and verbally articulate professionals who use such non-business-like language in their LinkedIn profiles in speaking about themselves.

Not really helping tell “why” them. Not much meaningful impression-making to the casual attention-deficit reader, they persist in writing their profile in a spoken jocular voice on their electronic brand marketing that is LinkedIn.

There’s a fine line between being haughty/verbose and being persuasive/articulate.

Find it.

No, discover it.

Better, capitalize on it!

I offer this goldmine of 185 power verbs.

Though meant for resume writers, this website is beneficial to punch up your LinkedIn profile.

Used well, this link contains abundant verbs for knock your profile out of the park.

Try these power verbs, reread them in context for their stronger meaning than the verbs they replace. Keep moving along to the next one.  Rinse. repeat.