hugI post a lot. You see it on your Home Page.

Like a snowflake in a snowstorm, my posts get buried underneath the next million posts.

I marvel at who likes, replies, shares my posts.

Some get little response (not a problem; I can’t be scintillating every time); others get a lot of love.

Most times it’s the usual applauders, colleagues, appreciators.

But a recent post  to my LinkedIn Home Page reflecting on my 8 year anniversary as a LinkedIn coach and trainer, I heard from a really diverse group. Old friends, work colleagues from my corporate days, a daily CNN political commentator I have known for many years, present collaborators, family members , current and former clients, and a lot of others with whom I haven’t been in touch for some time.

And all comments were highly appreciated, event the “likes” (although I prefer comments as stated in this blog before. Gestures are important!)

And keep them coming folks, as I am fascinated with who reads my posts, what makes them comment, what they say, and how they take the time and action to let me know I am having an effect on them.

It’s nice to be in touch.