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Diverse specialties: show your multipreneurism on #LinkedIn

dualstatueWith his nose buried in his mobile phone, I made the comment “You never know what comes out of that thing needing immediate attention” to which he replied “My work is 24/7/365.”

Opening to a conversation…His self-description in his elevator speech began with “I am an actor and I am also a  lawyer.” Note the order of presentation.

I have dual specialties too. I self-described mine to him.

Then we verbally combined our disciplines to help each other understand why and how they work in tandem.

For me it’s fairly common to run into professionals with side business interests. Sometime the “side” becomes the “entree.”

How can we multipreneurs show this on our LinkedIn personal profile effectively?

His: the need to convey ideas and engage an audience that requires swaying from one viewpoint to another using words and gestures.

Mine: oblige me but this is generically what I do in the Summary section and how I suggest you, the multipreneur, self-brand two diverse and perhaps unrelated areas of expertise:

I am a proficient provider of {this} to help {these people}. {Explain further using SEO keywords.}

I also offer help to others in {that} and have experience in {explain; SEO again}.

How, you may ask are these two endeavors intertwined? {Explain using a high level connection between the two, as in mine}:

“I meet amazing professionals who are “stuck.” The common denominator getting you “unstuck” as I help you: 

1) tell why you do what you do on LinkedIn for greater collaboration and career success
2) improve your cash flow and reduce processing fees with expert client service.”

Solopreneurship is a challenge.

Multipreneurship requires drilling even deeper, further to make two diverse practices all go together, from your perspective, and aimed at enthralling others.

Don’t make anyone guess. It won’t be exactly what you want them to take away.

Tell them, effectively and convincingly why you do both (or more) services that you do.


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