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Writing as a skill

practice-615657_640The scene: brunch with family members as I was telling them about my business, and my book(s) and this blog came up.

They didn’t know what I did for a living or that I wrote so much, having known me for so many years, they presumed this was a not truly a profession, and one asked where this urge came from.

(Most around the table have already, or will soon retire. But that’s no excuse; they decided to become nontechnical. I decided a long time ago to stay technically-oriented.)

Weekdaily blogging was my initial foray into electronic writing. And I set a very high bar for myself: to educate and entertain at 800 am every business day on a LinkedIn topic in a short-form “Nugget,” as I call it. These ideas come from real life and experiences, such as the topic and incentive to write a post today.

LinkedIn articles came next, each of my 114 so far is intended to share a longer-form observation in an essay for LinkedIn readers worldwide. Indeed they must be useful for others from the responses I receive from around the world and also the number of people following my articles is larger than the number of my connections!

Then the ABA book, and next month book #2 will be published.

Practice. It helps, and not just whenever, but writing at my most creative time of the day, 600-700 am, is my preferred time to practice.

I am not a polished writer, but somewhat prolific, or at least a verbose one.

And I will keep polishing this urge to share useful material and thoughts into a better product with each iteration and edition. I promise.

I encourage you to rewrite your profile in your best and most authentic voice. Make it a practice (literally) to put forth your best image and brand to the world.

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