2womenmeetingAs you read this, I am just back from a family event in Virginia.

I saw my kids, my nieces, nephews, brothers, and extended family at this happy occasion.

Everyone is a gainfully-employed tax-paying professional of some sort. Everyone is in his or her career trajectory.

That’s a good thing.

We made the effort to get together.

Getting out to see others is important. Your clients need to meet you. We humans need to eyeball each other.

Alas, online video meetings just are not as good as face-to-face. Yes, there is a practicality measure to conferencing. But it’s not as warm. Not as informative. Not as collaborative.

Similarly, your resume thumbtacked into your LinkedIn profile is nowhere as good as you writing a personal narrative, and we connect best when using the pronoun “I” to relate our branding to the reader on a more personal level.

Be real. Get out of the office and into the game.

Make LinkedIn your personal introduction before you meet. And it will continue to keep you in touch with others along the way.