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We are about to start summer (unofficially).

Scientifically it starts on June 21st at 607 am at the summer solstice.

But mentally the Memorial Day weekend starts many summery things: BBQs, beach and pool openings, increased traffic congestion on highways, and for some, slowing down a bit.

But don’t be fooled. Networking is a four-season and a weekend sport too.

The business brand of you is not closed for a long weekend. At that Memorial day BBQ, you’ll meet new people and you might embrace new ideas.

I’ll be branding myself subtly yet enthusiastically at every get-together I attend this weekend.

Just as you should too.

Because the self-defining moment will come up in conversation (or you should certainly offer): this is why I do what I do. Be remarkable. Stand out.

Work on your brand weekdaily, holiday weekendly, when there’s benefit to be gained and shared. During long (and regular sized) weekends, too.

Happy and safe long weekend.