underLIhoodI’m sitting in the oil change store, waiting for my car to be finished.

This car reminds me to change its oil every 5000 miles. And if I ignore the first sign, the car is programmed to remind me again and again until I relent and get that oil changed.

If only #LinkedIn were that way!

A reminder to many of you reading this: check under the LinkedIn hood.

Be sure:

  1. you followed my advice a few weeks ago in this blog arising from the most recent changes LinkedIn made to your personal profile
  2. all links to online material in your narrative still point to the right place
  3. all links to embedded graphics and videos work too
  4. you have allowed no typos, grammar misuse, or factual errors
  5. there are no endorsements from people who do not directly know your skills
  6. your headshot still looks like you (be honest)
  7. you have connected your work experience jobs to those employers with company profile pages, then you can show their brand (not all do)
  8. you follow-up on connection requests, vet them and ascertain how you can help them and they help you
  9. you answer all messages on LinkedIn as if it were a prospective business inquiry
  10. your contact details are still correct, and as suggested here before, use your mobile phone number to accept texts from prospective clients.

All together, at a 30,000 feet view, you have demonstrated your best ability to the reader to be intriguing and relevant in all the latest and greatest aspects of your business persona.

No need to get your hands real dirty.

Stay on top of these tasks. Unlike my car, no one will remind you.

Test and observe. Adjust and tighten. Replace if the old part is worn.

Perform preventative maintenance on your brand. You only get one nanosecond to make an impression.