Your career journey is not always clearly mapped and degrees of unpredictability are inevitable and IMHO, to be embraced in today’s business environment.

Yes, folks, change is good.

I started writing and realized there was so much to say that it works best in 2 parts (yesterday’s was one job-related and today’s is more specific to entrepreneurs)!

That means your LinkedIn profile needs to keep up with you and you need to keep us up to date when:

  • you start a new business: how exciting to have a blank slate to fill in! Learn as much as you can as you make it a personal growing experience. Tell us how your past makes you who are, worthy of hiring for your present expertise, a cathartic and very rewarding exercise in self-definitional business branding.
  • your business breadth expands: you are refining and learning where your ikigai is and what part of your market you are seizing everyday. Sometimes that means expanding one aspect of what you do well and mothballing another. Or perhaps you are operating 2 (or more) businesses by side. Tell us about this on your LinkedIn profile and updates as you adapt and we will cheer you on. Ok some of us, but the right ones will.
  • you are published or quoted: update us on your LinkedIn Home Page with a brief blurb and link to the publication. Then also memorialize this achievement in your Accomplishments (Publications subsection) with more details. Repurpose the published material using excerpts, quotes and reference sin subsequent material you write. Don’t let this fade.
  • you change your business logo: certainly I have as my business morphed, so be sure to change the logo on your company profile page (you have one, right?) and then go to the Experience section and edit the relevant job by back-keying over the company name (clearing it out), save it, and then ny keying in the first few letters of the company name select it from the drop down box to get its most recent logo tied to you.

There, another multi-faceted LinkedIn Nugget to chew on as the inevitability of change permeates your professional life.