portia cowMeet Portia, a cow at Tufts University’s vet school who has a “port” (hence the name) in her side to help agriculture students diagnose  digestive issues in cows.  Students reach into the hole and well, you get the idea… and if you want to know more, see the YouTube…Portia’s a celebrity on the internet. Just Google “Portia the cow.”

Thanks to my daughter for the photo.

The LinkedIn moral of this bovine story is that to really know something that is a bit hidden, you must reach inward to expose it.  Get your readers to be fans. Be more beefy in your self-branding. Sorry for the pun.

You as a professional need to talk about yourself and tell us what makes you tick, why you and how you want to be known.

Otherwise, casual readers of your profile just moooove on. Not sorry for the pun.