Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Really, what exactly do you do?


Some LinkedIn profiles tell a story.

Others never get to start, never providing an opportunity to start the story.

I continue to meet articulate professionals who cannot convey what, and especially why, they do what they do. Don’t be one of them.

You have a chance to start out right, unfortunately an opportunity many miss, a banner at the top of the LinkedIn profile page what you do. Imagery.

Add a headshot too, look approachable.

The 120-character headline continues your thoughts in words.

The longer summary (up to 2000 characters, including spaces) is your elevator pitch: rich narrative plus complementary graphics.

Your work experience, identified by the logo and company name continue to set your brand. Graphics too.

Bore the reader, or allow his or her concentration to stray for a nanosecond and they will never return.

Your job: make your first impression and continuously cultivate it, urging the reader to continue to hear your brand message as far down the profile you can get them to read.

Keep adding to it, with time and material, to nurture the reader.

Be a brand. Be you. Be fascinating. Be cogent. Be clear.

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