guest blogBe careful when I am in the room and you gush about a success on LinkedIn, because I may just ask you to write a guest blog piece on your experience.

Indeed, that’s what my friend and colleague Jayne Latz did at an “open mike” Q&A session I held in NYC a few weeks ago, and here’s her story. Thanks, Jayne!

LinkedIn has become the resource for business professionals. Our virtual Rolodex. If you want to stay connected with a colleague, you go to LinkedIn. If you want to review the profile of an individual you are going to meet with, you go to LinkedIn. For the individual job hunting, it is invaluable. For the recruiter, it has truly become the primary source for finding top talent. LinkedIn has changed the lives of so many across the professional world.

For many, like myself, there is great value in reading the posts of connections. I only wish I had more time to do so. Sometimes I find myself getting lost in reading one great article after another. I also try to post on at least a weekly basis if not several times per week. My content varies from sharing a blog post, to sharing a resource, to posting and sharing a “video tip of the week.” When reading posts that I value, I try to engage by commenting or “liking” the post.

Recently I had a great LinkedIn success story that showed how something as simple as acknowledging an article with a “like” can help make professional connections. I posted an article recently which a colleague “liked.” Shortly thereafter, one of his colleagues saw the article. The colleague of my friend noticed I was an executive communication coach who specializes in providing accent modification and accent reduction training to non-native English speakers. Ironically, he had been looking for someone in this industry for quite some time. He immediately contacted my colleague to check on my references. Fortunately, my colleague had only positive words about our training program. That individual is now our client! All because of one quick “like.”

It is stories like this that will keep me posting and sharing. Sharing and engaging on LinkedIn is not only a great way to be exposed to valuable new content, it also can help you build your business, widen your professional circle, and help others do so too.


jaynelatzheadshotJayne Latz is an expert in communication skills. She is an executive communication coach and worked for over 25 years as a speech-language pathologist, college educator, professional speech trainer, and coach.  In 2006 she founded Corporate Speech Solutions, LLC which specializes in advancing speech and communication skills for business professionals. She is the proud author of Communicate Up The Corporate Ladder, How To Succeed In Business With Clarity and Confidence. Please visit to learn more.

From Jayne:

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