Today's LinkedIn Nugget

If you can’t see the need for #LinkedIn, I will probably never be able to convince you

askI gave an “open mike” session the other day. It’s one in which I have no presentation; I just take questions from the audience and roll with whatever they ask and what they need to know. It’s a challenge and fun, and the audiences seem to like it.

About a quarter of the way through my hour-long session, an attorney (we introduced ourselves before I started speaking) asked why he needed LinkedIn in the first place. He said he was busy enough.

That’s happened before. As the LinkedIn evangelist, my job is to convert non believers. I explained that incremental business comes from LinkedIn, even if your referral base is so wide and deep.

What never struck him apparently, as I answered him, is that a person receiving your name in a referral will look you up on LinkedIn first before considering you in the first place.

Or they never contact you, something that we can never quantify.


So he started listening. At least he asked.