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All walks of life


I am fortunate. I get to meet and train/coach amazing people in all walks of life.

Before I met them, some just couldn’t get out of their own way, so they walked hesitatingly through life.

Or some couldn’t walk very well at all, stuck in a rut or portraying a dull posture in their business life.

Just perhaps the coaching client didn’t know where or how to say it on social media, on LinkedIn, or where on their LinkedIn profile to fit it. They needed me to map this for them. Then they have learned how to continue to add compelling narrative to their career journey.

After we work together, they walk straighter than others, in a straight line or as upright as I can get them. Head up with their eyes wider open. Then they are “amazing-er” than before, as I like to say.

It’s all mental, developmental. It’s coach-able, curable.

They just need to be reoriented, reengineered, renovated.

It’s my challenge to help others say what they earlier could not say at all , or could not say well. And to say it concisely, so business readers in all walks of life consider them as business partners.

Because people look at your LinkedIn profile quickly, there’s little time for them to become impressed enough to consider you. And if they are not impressed, they move on even quicker.

The acid test of my effect on them? Their referrals.

Walking further out the concentric circles of warm referral business, it’s a skeptical prospective client who may ask for examples of client profiles I have coached in the past, and after review of the referenced profiles, he or she likely signs with me. It’s my walk-the-walk.

And I am pleased to say, with my clients, I walk straighter in professional life as a result. They tell me of successes that have resulted. 

I walk proudly knowing that.



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  1. The articles I read talk about the lack of confidence that many individuals project and how this effects the way others see them. What you point out makes us feel more confident, our employers or prospective employers are more confident in us and believe in us. Which in turn makes us feel taller and we open the door to believe in others. And so on and so on……

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