scheduel changesA made-up word, but you get the point.

If you agree to a schedule with me, keep it. I do. You too.

I coach clients in 4 sessions over 6 weeks, plus/minus. We preset dates, times and locations for all 4 sessions upon signing the contract.

The scheduling we agree on is designed to build the momentum of our coaching learning experience, since I know it works well.

Yes I know stuff gets in the way.

But one client went on 8 weeks with me and we have not even met for the third time. In between: delays, excuses, last-minute “I need more time” or “I’m too busy.”

That dog ate a lot of homework. And gobbled up a lot of time.

For the record, I am fully to blame for being too lenient, breaking my own rule of adhering to the pre-set, previously agreed-upon schedule for our sessions.

I respectfully let her go. She had a dysfunctional view of my schedule, a few times too often. Onward.

I like to refer my clients to others. I can’t even consider referring this one. I value my functioning professional clients–past, present, future–even more.