I always say we are each held responsible in our work for the details that clients do not want to worry about. We are hired or retained to educate, keep the best situation going, and instinctively preclude any issues or misunderstandings.

I often lecture and coach clients on ways to do better than the competition, using real life examples of errors or problems that an “eye off the ball” can cause. It works to make my point.

It’s very much how you come across on LinkedIn to the casual reader. (You knew I would say that!)

It’s part of the peace-of-mind branding we strive for as an entrepreneur, CPA, consultant, or in this case, attorney.

Below is an example of a website for a restaurant an attorney (or any politician!) would probably not want to visit.


Beware typos and unclear language, incorrect usage, poor syntax, and condemning impressions.

I can’t make this stuff up, folks!

PS I did email them to advise them to make a change to their website. Nothing done as yet.