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Audience participation on #LinkedIn

audience2This past weekend I attended a music concert in a world-class, acoustically engineered auditorium in a public library.

It’s always amazing to me how the concept of a library has changed from a book repository to a public entertainment center.

You can borrow knitting needles, museum passes, swap heirloom seeds, take out CD books and movie DVDs, attend a recently released movie screening, create a 3D printed item, publish a paperback book, learn a million crafts, and get an education on just about any topic there. I attend a tai chi class at one. Oh, and you can still borrow books too.

The audience changed the old-fashioned concept of a public library. They demanded more, and variety, and it is important to note, they no longer were merely satisfied with reading for gaining information and creating entertainment.

The concert I attended featured a master guitar player touring from San Francisco, who after introducing a song, moved the microphone away to play but in front of her face, until an audience member called out (nicely), “Move the mike so we can see your face.”  to which she remarked, “This is what I love about East Coast audiences. On the West Coast, (gesturing accordingly,) they would be moving up, down, side to side, but never ask me out loud to move the mike.”

Oh so true. Each audience (and she is right about East Coast vs. other location audiences) has a personality and a “feel.” If I speak in a public venue, I pre-review some of the LinkedIn profiles of the registered attendees, try to mix a bit with the crowd when they first come in, to feel the pulse, and ask, “What brings you here today?” What do you want to learn?” “How do have you success on LinkedIn?”

If I write to an audience, in this blog or elsewhere online, I review the subscribers. I ask for comments, which come to me in various ways. I try to hone in on what is newsworthy, unique in my own perspective, and not found elsewhere, to make my writing relevant. I offer guest blog spots. I mix it up.

I have an audience. You are it.

You have one too.

So ask yourself, do you fashion your profile to attract the reader or do they leave, yawning and never to return? Unfortunately you may never know. This is a binary opportunity: be heard or be ignored.

Be relevant and attractive to your audience.

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