pexels-photo-756883.jpegTwo years ago I wrote an article for and revisited it the other day.

I made some adjustments for 2018 so hopefully a revised version will help you over the next few days as we start spring.

We all need to clear away a year’s worth of dust and dirt to make ourselves more transparent. Here are eight tips over the next few days for adding more “spring” to your LinkedIn “step.”

8. Be a cheerleader of your friends’ and colleagues’ accomplishments. Do more that simply clicking “like.” Tell them how why this is impressive to you and share that sentiment. Then that is seen by your connections, their connections. and others!

Similarly, if you read an article you like and believe there is value for others,, share it with an introduction from your perspective why this is important. Tell us, and if we respect your judgement and thought leadership, we WILL read it. And share it further.

Give more of yourself in gestures as well as words. Use each for the right purpose.

Happy spring LinkedIn cleaning!