pexels-photo-756883.jpegTwo years ago I wrote an article for and revisited it the other day.

I made some adjustments for 2018 so hopefully a revised version will help you over the next few days as we start spring.

We all need to clear away a year’s worth of dust and dirt to make ourselves more transparent. Here are eight tips over the next few days for adding more “spring” to your LinkedIn “step.”

7.  Think deeply about your Skills and be very specific. “Marketing” is not a skill per se (rather, it’s a textbook on a shelf); “social media marketing analytics” is a more exact skill. So is “integrated marketing analysis.”

Regular review and deliberate weeding out endorsers who don’t know your having each skill from direct experience with you is expected and in some fields (law, e.g.) required to prevent incorrect perception of your capabilities.

Somehow some of your colleague think endorsing you for every skill you posses is helpful, even if they do not know you for it. This is more than spring cleaning–it is continual!

And take the time to endorse your connections willingly for their shining skill capacity that you have experienced first-hand.

Tomorrow: gestures that count (new for 2018!)