pexels-photo-756883.jpegTwo years ago I wrote an article for and revisited it the other day.

I made some adjustments for 2018 so hopefully a revised version will help you over the next few days as we start spring.

We all need to clear away a year’s worth of dust and dirt to make ourselves more transparent. Here are eight tips over the next few days for adding more “spring” to your LinkedIn “step.”

2. Be sure your profile headline succinctly describes “why you do what you do,” not blandly list your title and company name? Think of this as a headline on a newspaper on a newsstand. In today’s soundbite world, and on LinkedIn in particular, you only have a mere 120-characters to make an immediate electronic impression to whet the intellectual appetite of a casual reader. It must be compelling enough to make the reader want to know more about you. Use as many of the 120 characters, and knit in the SEO keywords that can be used to search for you. Be yourself, be clear who and how you help, and avoid industry jargon or acronyms, as people outside your field are looking at you as well.

Tomorrow: being accessible