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Spring cleaning your #LinkedIn persona-part 1 of 8

pexels-photo-756883.jpegTwo years ago I wrote an article for and revisited it the other day.

I made some adjustments for 2018 so hopefully a revised version will help you over the next few days as we start spring.

We all need to clear away a year’s worth of dust and dirt to make ourselves more transparent. Here are eight tips over the next few days for adding more “spring” to your LinkedIn “step.”

  1. Do you need to update your headshot photo? Remember: It follows you all over LinkedIn. So you MUST look professional yet approachable in your headshot. Do you feel comfortable when someone looks at your LinkedIn headshot when they call you on the phone (because they probably are!) Find a professional headshot photographer you are comfortable with. And don’t forget to use the background effectively: architects in front of a building; attorneys in front of a courthouse, etc.

Tomorrow: your headline.

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