Today's LinkedIn Nugget

It’s Ikigai week! (part 3 of 5)

ikigaiwithjapanesetitleYes, ikigai (pronounced icky-guy) and it means “a reason for being,” a Japanese philosophy I just became aware of that I want to share and would like to have you add its concepts to your LinkedIn profile.

It consists of 4 intersecting circles, each one comprising 3 subconcepts and the intersection of all segments define your ikigai, your raison d’etre, your reason for being.

Each day this week I will explore a new circle with you and by Friday we will wrap up with the finale, in essence, why you do what you do, your ikigai. Yesterday I spoke of What the World Needs.

Today: What I am Good At. 

I am fortunate now to combine my passion for helping others get unstuck with my profession(s). I feel I provide a valid and useful service to clients who refer me to others without my asking. So without going further about me, I suggest you answer the innermost questions that passion and profession tug at you with:

  • do you love what you do?
  • what makes you excited to get to work on Monday morning?
  • how do you show what you love doing?
  • how do others comment on what you do so well?
  • how did you learn to be so good at this?
  • how do you do it well now?
  • how can you do it even better in the near future?
  • what professional goals do you have?
  • do you need certification or augmented learning to stay on top of your field?
  • are you a thought leader in your area of expertise?
  • how do you rub proverbial elbows with the other thought leaders?
  • how do you help others as much if not more than they help you?

and so on, as my mind races. Yours will too.

These answers are needed and must be articulated well in your LinkedIn profile.

And the intersection of passion and profession is NOT uselessness and certainly more than mere satisfaction. If you feel useless or just marginally satisfied, you need to take steps to remedy the malaise.

Change of attitude, job, field, industry, etc, is good. Scary, yes. But still good, hopefully, yet you need to, and you have to want to want to try.

Start renovating your LinkedIn profiles with the narrative of why you do what you do and how well others say you do it. That’s just a start…Tell us what you are good at. If you don’t, no one else will want to.

Tomorrow: What You Can Be Paid For