thankyouIt’s an all-too-common aspect of our electronic speed-of-light life, we fail to thank someone.

An article I came across serves as a great reference point in this context. The author takes the scheduled time to see it working and so do I, although I’m not quite as organized as she.

Perhaps you do too, or perhaps you (and I) could do better.

Rise above the pace and the low common denominator of competitors in any or all of these obvious ways:

  • We have a meeting and agree on some follow-ups, and afterwards it’s only good form to thank them. Choose your medium of communication, but do it.
  • We are referred to someone, converse, appreciate the potential to become colleagues. You agree to connect on LinkedIn, and whoever initiates, this is the time to, thank them for the observations and time spent, then repay with the connection invitation as a prospect of nurturing them back.
  • We reacquaint with an old colleague by chance meeting and send a nice-to-see you-again message as a soft thank you message.
  • We receive a phone call,  decide there is additional work to achieve, on one or both parties, and we touch base afterwards to outline the next steps so everyone is focused: another soft thank you touchpoint.
  • And one more, thank someone with a LinkedIn endorsement for a skill they demonstrated their expertise to you, or better yet, write them a recommendation without their asking for it. What a great way to thank them!

Be a thanker. You will be noticed and appreciated back.

Thanks for reading my blog today.