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“Patron saints” who look over my #LinkedIn thinking

sunburst-83685_640Although I was not raised believing in saints, there are a few people I revere for providing me guidance and instruction in  my LinkedIn “evangelism,” to make a difference.

Mostly, they are authors/business gurus whose wisdom spoke to me at various times as I read them, listened to their narrated audio books, watched their TED Talks, etc.

They take me to a higher place. They bring out new ideas and concepts worth trying. Their thoughts complement the way we need to tell about ourselves on LinkedIn, manage our brands, and thus rise above our competition.

Perhaps you know the names but never dove in to their work, so here’s my 3 top influencers:

  1. Reid Hoffman in his book “The Start-Up of You” (see my blog post on this)
  2. Simon Sinek, in his book and videos, “Start with Why” (see my blog post on this)
  3. Seth Godin, in his many smart books and equally relevant blog “Seth’s Blog” (see my blog post on this)

Yes, there are more men, and women, who have had a marked effect on me, what I say, and how I teach it. Mostly, these three thought leaders are top of my hit parade, ones I come back to continually and refer on to others with the most confidence that the receiver will advance past his or her being “stuck” from this enlightening.

But here on the day before St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would provide you the benefit of my informal education by these “patron saints” and lead you to their powerful words of wisdom and advice.

I hope this helps you in some way(s).

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